We're not your average beancounters.

We're a business management consulting firm specializing in the construction accounting industry. We help contractors struggling to take home what they deserve to clarify how they control cash so that they can build a consistently profitable business.

How it started

Specializing in the construction accounting industry was a natural decision for founder Wade Carpenter, CPA, CGMA, after 30 years in public accounting working with businesses from the smallest mom-and-pop companies to multi-billion dollar international firms.

Wade specializes in this industry because he recognized that construction business owners need help in many areas that generalized CPAs don’t know and can’t handle. Construction accounting, finance, and management have many challenges and issues that most other industries don’t see, but we know well.

The need for proper advisers after the Great Recession

The “Great Recession” was hard on the construction industry and, unfortunately, many great companies did not survive. Many jobs were lost and along with them, a great many accountants were displaced. Many construction accountants went to other, more stable industries. Construction accounting is different from regularly accounting in many ways that are never taught in school. Even before the recession, properly trained construction accountants are hard to come by.

For the ten years following the recession, few accountants were trained in this industry. Many of the ones who remained were forced to take jobs with limited help and for a new crop of accountants to come into construction, there were limited opportunities for training.

Here at Carpenter & Company, we have experts in this unique and specialized industry to help you anticipate the intricate challenges you may face in today’s changing economy.

Who we work with

Our expertise is primarily with contractors who work with commercial, governmental and institutional clients from general and subcontractors in many industries.

While we are based outside of Atlanta, Georgia, we work virtually with contractors throughout the United States. We work with companies of all sizes, from small contractors to million-dollar CFO-level construction firms.

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